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Palestine Online Store is an Austin,TX-based not-for-profit project that has been promoting Palestinian products around the world since 2003. We bring Palestine to you, with products about Palestine, including books, films, and solidarity apparel, as well as products from Palestine, including handcrafts, kufiyehs, olive oil and lots more! Our goals are to increase awareness of and connection with Palestine and to benefit the artisans, farmers and other producers/suppliers who remain steadfast in the motherland.

NOTE: From now (Dec. 16 12:00 am U.S. Central time) until Jan. 1, 2017, we will only be shipping U.S. orders. If you order during this time for delivery abroad, please be aware that it might be subject to additional shipping and we may not be able to quote you on that until after Jan. 1. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Only U.S. orders are being shipped between now (Dec. 15th) and the end of the year.
Order by Dec. 20th to receive by Dec. 24th! (or Dec. 22nd in Texas)
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