Palestine Online Store: Your source for all things Palestinian!

Palestine Online Store is an activist project dedicated to making Palestine-related materials more widely available to the global community, with the goal of increasing public awareness of the Palestinian struggle, while also supporting Palestinians economically.

Launched in December 2003 and initially conceived as a graduate school project, Palestine Online Store started out with a focus on documentary films about Palestine as an effective vehicle of challenging mainstream views. The product line gradually expanded to include books, handcrafts, olive oil, kufiyeh scarves and lots more! The store has represented Palestine at conferences and cultural fairs, and ships orders worldwide.

Your purchase helps sustain this project and supports my people, including farmers, artisans, cooperatives and more. We endorse and support the boycott of Israel until Palestinians have equal rights. We also avoid carrying non-vegan products (currently the only exception is the ma’moul cookies for Valentine’s Day).

Haithem El-Zabri, Founder & Director