This is the most urgent message that needs to emphasize in this moment. A genocide is happening and it is directly enabled by the Biden administration. This shirt redirects our focus to where we can actually make a difference. If we can stop the US from supporting this genocide, for example by ceasing arms shipments and financial and diplomatic backing, this genocide would stop tomorrow.

Designed by Nidal Elkhairy, renowned Palestinian designer.

The back has a QR code that leads to Austin for Palestine Coalition’s website, featuring links to resources and action items!

50% of profit on this shirt is sent to UNRWA or the Stop Gaza Starvation campaign run by the Union of Agricultural Work Committees. We rotate the recipients; since the US withdrawal of support to UNRWA, we are now focusing more on them.




Gildan pre-shrunk t-shirt. Printed by Raw Paw in Austin.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Hinaziya khan

    We are with you Palestine­čĄŁ­čĆ╗

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