Hirbawi Kufiya

The quintessential solidarity attire from the only remaining kufiyeh factory in Palestine.. original Herbawi kufiyehs from Al-Khaleel (Hebron).

Every kufiyeh comes with two ‘Free Palestine’ stickers included and 10% of the purchase price going to Gaza relief through the Union of Agricultural Relief Committee’s (UAWC) Stop Gaza Starvation campaign. Please send them an additional donation directly if you can and share that link: https://stopgazastarvation.org/

Note: We receive different fringes at different times, so they may not match the ones pictured. Most often, they are the little dots like the one in the photo of the black and white kufiyeh.

We are currently a couple of months behind on kufiyeh order fulfillment due to overwhelming demand and the factory not being able to keep up.  








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