5 Things You Can Do For Gaza Today

  1. Learn . Recommended news outlet: Aljazeera.com . You can watch it live, 24/7, on the web or download the app. More info: IMEU.org Video about Gaza by Abby Martin Holocaust survivor, psychologist Dr. Gabor Maté speaks on Israel/Palestine 5 Israeli talking points debunked by Noura Erekat Sign up to receive an invitation to an upcoming Gaza film series (Austin) .
  2. Speak up to Individuals & the Media . Speak about Palestine at every opportunity you get; there is a lot of disinformation and propaganda out there on mainstream media, and the people of Gaza need us to speak up for them. This did not start a week ago but 75 years ago and so the context must be highlighted. Inform your family, friends, neighbors. It does not mean justifying Hamas' actions against civilians, but acknowledging that Israel has caused exponential suffering to the Palestinians and the world has acquiesced to that, and we need to address this root cause and this 75 year long injustice and bring an immediate end to it. Write letters to the editor, op-eds if you can, contact editors and demand they cover Palestinian casualties the way they cover Israeli casualties, and not to just tow the Israeli line. Call them out on any biased reporting. In social media, spread videos like the ones above, keep sharing information and raising awareness. Use hashtag #GenocideinGaza .
  3. Lobby . E-mail, call, and meet with your elected representatives and let them know that you are against Israel's assault on Gaza and demand that your representative take a more humane position that prevents this mass slaughter of Palestinian civilians. Ask them to push for an end to the siege on Gaza and support any legislation in that direction. US Campaign for Palestinian Rights connects you directly Jewish Voice for Peace action American Muslims for Palestine CodePink petition .
  4. Activism, Boycott . Find your local Palestine solidarity groups or progressive organizations that are supporting Palestinian rights. Stay tuned for protests and other events. Support the Boycott Divestment Sanctions movement: https://bdsmovement.net/ .
  5. Donate . Although financial aid is not the solution, it can definitely help at this time with the enormous displacement in Gaza. Some organizations that are doing urgent work include: UNRWA, Palestine Children's Relief Fund, and the Palestinian Red Crescent You can also support Palestinian artisans, farmers and small businesses by purchasing Palestinian products at Palestine Online Store (Austin), Shop Palestine by MECA, Handmade Palestine, and other vendors, as well as Palestinian food restaurants and food trucks (in Austin: Peace Bakery & Cafe, Reem's Falafel). .

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