Witness in Palestine – A Jewish American Woman in the Occupied Territories


Composed of Anna’s photographs and writings,Witness in Palestine documents her eight months working with the International Women’s Peace Service in the West Bank, documenting human rights abuses and supporting Palestinian and Israeli nonviolent resistance against the Occupation.


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by Anna Baltzer

Meet the people of Palestine and the Israeli and international volunteers supporting their nonviolent movement for freedom.

Meet Munira, who has lost her freedom and land to the Wall that encages her home and family. Meet Hessa, whose village is separated from the nearest hospital by a checkpoint that is closed all night long.

Meet Rafat, whose warm smile belies the war zone that his body attests to. Meet Omar, who has chosen the path of nonviolent resistance after six months imprisonment without charge and the losses of his best friend, cousin, and brother.

Updated & revised with new photos, appendices, testimonials, and afterword. Full color, original photographs, maps, and stories — popular for classrooms, book groups, etc. From back cover: Anna Baltzer, a young Jewish American, visited the West Bank to discover for herself the realities of everyday life for Palestinians living under Israeli occupation. What she found would change her outlook on the issue forever. For eight months over the following four years, Baltzer lived and worked with farmers, Palestinian and Israeli activists, and the families of political prisoners, traveling with them across checkpoints and roadblocks to reach hospitals, universities, and olive groves. Baltzer witnessed firsthand the devastation wrought by expanding settlements and the Wall. She also encountered countless Palestinian grievances beyond the occupation, of non-Jews living in a Jewish state and refugees yearning to return to their homes and land. Baltzer’s probing and honest examination of the occupation, Zionism, and the pervasive spirit of Palestinian resilience offer a fresh look at Palestine today.

About the Author
Anna Baltzer is a Jewish-American Columbia graduate, former Fulbright scholar, the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, and an award-winning lecturer, author, and activist for Palestinian rights. As a volunteer with the International Women’s Peace Service in the West Bank, Baltzer documented human rights abuses and supported Palestinian-lad nonviolent resistance to the Occupation. Baltzer has appeared on television more than 100 times (including most recently The Daily Show with Jon Stewart) and lectured at more than 400 universities, schools, and places of worshi around the world with her acclaimed presentation “Life in Occupied Palestine: Eyewitness Stories and Photos.
  In 2009, Baltzer received the Rachel Corrie Peace & Justice Award from the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee, and a Certificate of Commendation from the Governor of Wisconsin.

“Captivating text and artistic photography…a deeply personal story that will inspire you not only to have hope but to actively seek and work for peace and justice.”
–Mazin Qumsiyeh, author of Sharing the Land of Canaan

“Even those who are familiar with the grim reality of the occupied territories will quickly be drawn into a world they had barely imagined by these vivid, searingly honest, intensely acute portrayals.”
–Noam Chomsky

“Moving and vivid.” 
–Tanya Reinhart, author of Roadmap to Nowhere

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• Human rights • 436 pages • Color photos • Second Edition, Published 2014 • ISBN 9781594513077 • Paperback


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