Show your solidarity with Palestine!

Palestine flag (plain) 2 x 3 feet
Palestine flag (plain) 3 x 5
Free Palestine flag 3 x 5
Palestine flag pin

Free ‘Free Palestine’ sticker included with every flag.

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Made in China, 100% polyester (100D, slightly thicker than your average flag), and includes two metal brass grommets on the side and quadruple stitching at the ends.

Some history of the Palestinian flag:

Hussein bin Ali Al-Hashimi, the sharif of Mecca, designed the current flag as the flag of the Arab Revolt on June 1916. The Palestinian people raised it as the flag of the Arab National movement in 1917. In 1947, the Arab Ba’ath Party interpreted the flag as a symbol of the liberation and unity of the Arab nation. The Palestinian people readopted the flag at the Palestinian conference in Gaza in 1948. The flag was recognized by the Arab League as the flag of the Palestinian people. It was further endorsed by the PLO, the representative of the Palestinians, at the Palestinian conference in Jerusalem in 1964.

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Made in China