Palestine for Beginners, 2nd Edition


A fast-moving guide to the roots of conflict, the key historical and current events, and the characters and motivations behind the ongoing crisis.

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Linda Bevis and Edward Mast

Completely refilmed and edited with added visuals especially for DVD, this new edition of Palestine Information Project’s popular PALESTINE FOR BEGINNERS is a fast-moving guide to the roots of conflict, key historical and current events, and the characters and motivations behind the ongoing crisis.

The 67-minute program is divided into segements and chapters for reference and classroom use, with all the background needed to understand today’s unfolding events.

Part One: Roots of Conflict (25 minutes)
Part Two: Occupation, Human Rights and U.S. Tax Dollars (28 minutes)
Part Three: Issues, Obstacles, Futures (14 minutes)

A Discussion and Classroom Study Guide is included as pdf on the DVD disc. The DVD includes subtitles in English.

Linda Bevis and Edward Mast have developed and presented PALESTINE FOR BEGINNERS for several years, updating constantly as the situation changes. Linda Bevis is an attorney who lived for several years in the West Bank working with a human rights organization, and she taught World History at the high school level for many years. Edward Mast is a playwright and performer whose play SAHMATAH, co-written with Hanna Eady, has been playing in the Middle East and Europe since 1998.

Linda and Edward have done human rights work, together and separately, in Northern Ireland, Central America and the former Soviet Union, and in 2002 they were jointly awarded the human rights award of the United Nations Association of Seattle.

Linda and Edward are among the co-founders of Palestine Information Project, a Seattle organization which creates educational materials and presentations about human rights issues in Israel/Palestine and about the US role in the conflict.

“I actually fought off tears more than once during the presentation. I am determined to carry this message forward and will do my best to give my heart to the spirit behind this effort.”
— Mark B. Wilson

“The longer I have reflected on your presentation, the more I am convinced that it was the single most useful, concise, interesting and complete discussion of the topic I have encountered in several years of paying close attention to Palestine/Israel issues.”
— Bruce Bowden

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Classification: Presentation Presented by: Linda Bevis and Edward Mast Release date: 2010 Length: 66 minutes Language: English


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