Tamam Al Akhal: Olives & Oranges

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We can compare our plight to the age-old sacred evergreen olive tree. Roots dug deep into rocky land bespeak of our strong attachment to our ancestral country. It’s defiance of elements and time reflects our struggle against greater powers and huge odds.

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To the Palestinians, the olive tree is sacred and blessed, and has become a national symbol. But Israel continues to uproot and destroy our olive trees in its ongoing effort to erase our heritage and our connection to the land. The famed Jaffa oranges also had filled European markets long before the creation of the State of Israel. But today, even as our oranges are described as “Israeli,” we know that our Palestine will continue to be the source of giving, and our trees will continue to bear fruit, no matter what.
Tamam Al-Akhal, 2004

– The print itself measures 8.5″ by 11.5″; it is printed in Germany on canvas paper and signed by the artist.
– The frame is a basic plastic brown frame, put together by the artist herself. It measures 12.5″ by 14″.


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