Olive Harvest in Palestine: A story of childhood memories


From the author of Easter in Ramallah, a story about the harvest traditions that have been shared among Palestinian farmers for centuries, portrayed from the eyes of a child.




By Wafa Shami, illustrated by Shaima’ Farouki

Olive Harvest in Palestine is a story about the harvest traditions that have been shared among Palestinian farmers for centuries. The story takes the reader’s imagination on a journey, starting from how the olives are picked, through how they are pressed into oil, bottled and finally arrive in the consumer’s hands. Along the way the reader shares in this festive working atmosphere filled with singing, eating, love and laughter portrayed from the eyes of a child.

“…a beautiful orchard story of devotion, labor, and harvesting in which nothing terrible happens. Palestinians deserve more days in which nothing terrible happens. Here is life, shining, ripe and succulent, singing of culture, history, tradition, and the dinner table too.”
–Naomi Shihab Nye

A beautiful portrayal of the most important harvest in Palestine. You have skillfully opened the reader’s imagination to exactly what the olive tree means to Palestinians; a connection to the land, food, family, livelihood and most important community.”
–Sam Bahour


About the author

Wafa Shami was born and raised in Ramallah, Palestine. She Moved to the U.S. pursuing higher education and graduated with a Master’s degree in International Studies. Since moving to the U.S. Wafa has maintained her engagement in Middle Eastern issues as a volunteer. She was inspired to write children storybooks that are from her own childhood after her son was born. Her first story Easter in Ramallah was published earlier this year. In addition, to being busy raising her son, who is currently 5 years old, Wafa has a passion for cooking and has a food blog, in which she is sharing her family’s recipes. Wafa currently lives in California. Visit her blog at www.palestineinadish.com and follow her on social media @palestineinadish for delicious recipes.

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Paperback, 36 pages
Published January 25th 2019 by R. R. Bowker
ISBN 0960014705