Mohammed Al-Farra: Ana Jeet


Mohammed Al Farra is one of the founders of the first Palestinian hip hop group out of Gaza, “The Palestinian Rapperz (PR).” Like DAM, Al Farra blends Eastern and Western rythms, and although his lyrics are influenced by the conflict and the conditions of life, he includes some light-hearted tracks such as “Argeeleh” (hubbly bubbly).



Raised in Gaza, Mohammed Al Farra has seen daily the struggles of his people in Palestine. He quickly turned to music as a release and began listening to the likes of Tupac Shukar. What he heard in hip hop was something he related to and a way to elicit his feelings on what was happening outside his front door. While in school, he met Mezo and after sharing their ideas for using hip hop music as a way of expressing their struggle, they began to form Gaza’s first hip hop group, The Palestinian Rapperz, comprised of Al Farra, Mezo, Kan’aan, and Ayman. They soon began writing together and recorded their first song in 2003. Their powerful lyrics deliver strong messages about their life in Gaza and the life of Palestinians living under occupation.

In 2005, Al Farra began working on solo material, and came out with his debut solo album, “Ana Jeet,” meaning “I have Arrived.” This explosive album is comprised of 17 songs revealing the daily life in Palestine on the Gaza Strip and Arabic society, mixed in with some lighter subject matter such as “Hookah” featuring Tamer Nafar from DAM. The album also features Mahmoud Jrere and Suhell Nafar from DAM, Ragtop from the PHILISTINES, A.K the Arabian Knights from Egypt, Raqeeb, and Marwaan from the Denmark group Pimp A Lot. He has travelled the world doing shows throughout Palestine, Egypt, Ireland, and the United States. 

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Track Listing
1. Mukademma / Intro, feat. Ayman (PR)
2. Ana Jeet / I Have Come
3. Hesar Qatel (Abu Ammar) / Fatal Siege (Yasser Arafat)
4. Argele / Hubbly Bubbly, feat. Tamer Nafar
5. Hob Raghem Elihtilal / Love Despite Occupation
6. El Horeya / Freedom
7. Fawda Fel Mojtama’ / Mess in the Society, feat. Nelly
8. Bahasto Fil Kitab / Researching the History
9. Madi Ou Hader Ou Mustaqbal / Past & Present & Future
10. Denya Malha Ma’na / A World With No Meaning, feat. Ragtop
11. Qema Arabiya Tare’a / Urgent Arab Summit, feat. Khlefa A.
12. Msebetna Mseeba / Our Tragedy
13. Raqabet El Fan El Azeem / Censorship of the Dangerous Art
14. Shoftoo / Did You See?
15. Dm’a Men Lebnaan / Tears from Lebanon
16. Dehket Alaam / Laughter of Pain, feat. Raqib
17. Wassel Resalti / Deliver My Message, feat. PR
18. Falasteen Wel Tahhadi / Palestine and the Challenge, feat. PR
19. Falasteeni / Palestinian, feat. PR
20. Manaset El E’dam / The Stage of Execution, feat. PR

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