Palestinian Kufiya Masks

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Hand made, washable, two-ply, cotton kufiya masks!

One complimentary ‘Free Palestine, End the Occupation’ bumper sticker provided with each mask ordered. 5% of sales are donated to humanitarian aid for Gaza.

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Traditional Palestine Kufiya Masks (image 1; 8 selections)
Traditional black and white and the socialist red and white (in some other Arab countries it is their traditional color and not related to socialism) kuifya masks with differing fringes and patterns. $12, $15, and $18.

Herbawi Colored Kufiya Masks with Filter slots(image 2; 3 selections)
There are all made from of Herbawi kufiyas (the last remaining kufiya factory in Palestine). They feature a slot in the back where you can insert a filter; a coffee filter works perfectly! $18

Antiwar Patterns (image 3; 5 selections)
These are made from kufiyas featuring crossed guns and were acquired from the resistance group ‘Existence is Resistance’. Hand sown by a Mexican-American family in Austin, Texas. One of them has the slot in the back for a filter.

Museum ‘Keffiyeh Masks’(image 4; 4 selections)
Made in Palestine (both the fabric and the mask sewing. Sourced from–and benefiting–the Museum of the Palestinian People. Three-ply. $16

Because these are handmade, designs will depending on the part of the cloth that piece came from. Every piece is unique but they will somewhat resemble the shown one. Imperfections are also natural. (Museum of Palestine ‘keffiyeh masks’ will be identical though)

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Palestine, Jordan, Pakistan