Sterling Silver from Palestine


All items are sterling silver, hand made in Ramallah, Palestine by renowned jewelers including Ramzi Jewelry and Holy Land Jewelry, except for chains, sterling silver made in Italy.

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Handala, by Holy Land Jewelry
3.2g, 1.25″ long

Calligraphy Map, by Ramzi Jewelry
2.6g, 2″ long

Olive Tree, by Holy Land Jewelry
3.4g, 1.5″ long

#FreePalestine charm, by Ramzi Jewelry
4g, 2.5″ wide

Allah pendant, by Ramzi Jewelry
2.9g, 0.75″ diameter

Map of Palestine in cubic zirconia, by Ramzi Jewelry
4.6g, 1.5″ long

Sterling silver bracelet, by Ramzi Jewelry
13.6g, 2.75″ diameter

Falasteen circular calligraphy, by Ramzi Jewelry
5.4g,  7/8″ diameter

Palestine coin keychain, by Ramzi Jewelry
10.2g, 3.5″ long

Sterling silver chain, made in Italy
1.2g, 18″ long

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Country of Origin

Pendants: Palestine
Chains: Italy


Handala, Calligraphy Map, Olive Tree, #FreePalestine, Allah pendant, Zirconia Map, Silver Bracelet, Falasteen, Coin Keychain, 18" chain