Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Sourced from the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees and bottled and marketed in the US by Equal Exchange, this premium olive oil is:
– 100% pure and Palestinian
– Certified organic
– Certified fair trade, made by small farmer cooperatives



Grown using ancient Canaanite traditions of farming and harvesting.

Organic and fair trade; Supports the farmers in Palestine and their families.

Fresh crop from the last harvest.

Delivery time approx. 1 week in the US.

Olive farming is not just economically important in the West Bank — it is culturally important as well. Many of the olive trees on our producer partners’ farms hold an almost sacred significance for some farmers. Some of the trees have been passed down from generation to generation, and represent deep familial ties to the land.Equal Exchange is proud to support these farmers and their families as they rejuvenate their agricultural livelihoods.

Extra Virgin olive oil is the highest grade of virgin. It contains no more than 0.8% free acidity. This oil is unrefined, derived from the olive fruit by cold mechanical extraction (“cold-pressed”) without fillers or chemicals.

Available as a single 500ml bottle, 3 bottles, or cases of 6 or 12. SHIPPING IS A FLAT RATE OF $8.00! (in the US)

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs

One 500ml bottle, 3 500ml bottles, 6 500ml bottles, 12 500ml bottles