Medjool Dates


Large Medjool dates from Palestinian small farmers in Jericho, Palestine.

Sweet caramel notes. Hand-Picked, 100% Natural, No Additives, No Preservatives.

Equal Exchange is Fair Trade certified.

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Equal Exchange is fair trade and supplied by the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees – Ramallah.

These Medjool dates (17.6 oz) are grown by a farmer cooperative in Jericho. Water shortages in the area forced farmers to seek out crops that needed less water to grow. Medjool dates not only require less water but can grow using the slightly salty water that sits under reservoirs of fresh water. The dates are processed in a modern packaging plant, where they are inspected for quality, cleaned, sorted, graded and then packaged.

Serve these delicious dates whole for a dessert that will impress your guests, or combine them with other fruits and nuts on a platter. They can also be chopped and used for baking, stuffing or cooking. And they’re a great simple healthy snack just to eat by themselves.


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Weight 2 lbs

Dates from Jericho, West Bank, Palestine
Coffee from Istanbul, Turkey


Equal Exchange 17.6oz dates, Equal Exchange 17.6oz dates 3-pack