Aseera Pure Olive Oil, 500ml


This premium olive oil is unfiltered, organic, and cold pressed. It comes from Aseera, Palestine’s largest olive oil producer, and has a great polyphenol concentration and taste.

A portion of the proceeds benefits the West Bank’s only donkey sanctuary; Daily Hugz.



This organic premium unfiltered extra virgin olive oil contains a high concentration of polyphenols (approx. 5 times the amount in commercial olive oils)

It comes from Daily Hugz sanctuary near Nablus, where the trees are fertilized by the manure of rescued donkey residents of the sanctuary! So technically, this is one of the few truly vegan olive oils in the world. Part of the proceeds support the sanctuary and benefit the donkeys.

Grown using ancient Canaanite traditions of farming and harvesting.

2021 harvest; best by October 2023

Delivery time approx. 1 week in the US.

Available as a single 500ml bottle, 3 bottles, or cases of 6 or 12. SHIPPING IS A FLAT RATE OF $8.00! (in the US)

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Weight 2 lbs

One 500ml bottle, 3 500ml bottles, 6 500ml bottles, 12 500ml bottles