Sterling Silver Handala pendants


The symbol of Palestinian refugees and the right to return. Sterling 925 silver hand-made in Ramallah, except for chain (made in Italy).

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Created by the late cartoonist Naji Al-Ali, Handala has become the symbol of Palestinian refugees and their right to return. These pieces were handcrafted in Ramallah, by our partners Holy Land Jewelry (the plain pendants) and Ramzi Jewelry (the one with the flag). The sterling silver chain (optional) is made in Italy, but purchased from our Ramallah jewelers.

1. Small Handala – 1.4g, 1.0″ tall
2. Medium Handala – 2.3g, 1.3″ tall
3. Handala with flag – 3.0g, 1.25″ tall (has ‘925 Palestine’ engraved on the back)
4. Necklace (chain) – 3g, 20″ long

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More about Handala and the cartoon’s significance and symbolism, here:

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Made in Palestine (Ramallah)


Silver 925 (stamped)


Small Handala, Medium Handala, Handala with flag, Chain


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