Map of Palestine, Cloth


A must-have for every Palestinian home.

English version sold out; only Arabic available.

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English version sold out; only Arabic available.

Map Features

1. The villages and the towns where the Palestinian population was expelled before and in the year 1948.
2. The classification of expelled Palestinian villages and towns from small to medium and large according to population size, where every size is given a special form, including Bedouin areas.
3. The classification of the existing Arab population areas, villages, towns and other current population centres.
4. The West Bank and Gaza strip are included in this map together with historical Palestine.
5. All Jewish settlements which were established before 1948.
6. The present transport network, roads and streets of all kinds, including highways, main, regional and local roads, streets and other byways.
7. Roads numbers.
8. Distance between junctions.
9. The old and new Railways network, railways stations in different colors.
10. Rivers, valleys, mountains, hills, plateaus, and plains.
11. Old small population centres called ‘khirab’ which literally means ruins.
12. Citadels, bastions and older, historic buildings.
13. Sacred places, where holy persons are buried (‘maqamat’), mosques, churches and other holy places.
14. Many fountains, springs and wells.
15. This copy is printed on 127cm long and 69cm width (50″ by 27″) of fabric sheet and it is attached to two plastic rods with a small hook to hang from.
16. Available in English and in Arabic.

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