Kufiyeh Rebozo Baby Wrap

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We personally think this is the cutest thing ever! Along with the kufiyeh bib! 🙂

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The Rebozo

Produced by Handmade Palestine upon a customer’s request, this kufiyeh rebozo baby wrap is a perfect gift for someone having a baby soon! But obviously, it can also be used as a shawl too. The rebozo originated in Mexico and is the name of the long traditional scarf women use for a variety of purposes, including carrying their baby. It’s increasingly popular as a non-invasive tool for supporting natural labor by reducing discomfort and even helping babies reposition themselves.

These are made from a woven cotton fabric sources from the only kufiyeh factory in Palestine: Herbawi Textile Factory in Hebron. It is then tailored by Handmade Palestine to hem the edges. It measures approx. 2.5 meters by 75 centimeters.


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Made in China


11" by 11"


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