Kufiya Masks


10/10 Palestinians agree that this is a great way to show solidarity with Palestine during the pandemic!

One complimentary ‘Free Palestine, End the Occupation’ bumper sticker with each mask ordered.

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Because these are handmade, designs will depending on the part of the cloth that piece came from. Every piece is unique!

Regular masks
Two-ply kufiya cloth. Made from Herbawi Kufiyehs in Palestine. Sown by Mexican-American family owned business in Austin, Texas.
98% cotton 2% polyester. Hand wash or machine wash delicate cycle.

Masks with filter slot (these end with “f” in the scroll list above)
Two-ply kufiya cloth with an opening to insert a disposable filter (coffee filters work perfectly).
Includes a nose wire and clipped at the bottom center so as to contour properly around the chin.
98% cotton 2% polyester. Machine wash delicate cycle.

5% of sales are donated to humanitarian aid to Gaza. 

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Palestine, Jordan, Pakistan