Canaan Fair Trade Extra Virgin Olive Oil


FRESH!! December 2017 harvest!

Premium olive oil from Palestine, grown using ancient Canaanite traditions of farming and harvesting. 500 ml dark long-neck bottles and 1L tin cans.

Currently only available for delivery within the USA.





Jenin Blend

Jenin Olive Oil has a fresh fruity flavor with a buttery finish. The blend combines the early harvest peppery olive oil with the late harvest’s sweet, buttery oil. Versatile for dipping or cooking. From farming cooperatives in the Jenin area. Extra virgin, organic, and fair trade.


Nabali is the native tree of Palestine. This premium oil is delicate, full-bodied, sweet, and smooth. Versatile for dipping or cooking. From farming cooperatives in the Bourin region. Extra virgin, organic, and fair trade.


Rumi trees are those that were planted at the time of the Roman Empire. This oil boasts fresh fruity tones, a lingering peppery kick at the end. It is a robust and pungent oil with complex character. This premium oil has won awards in Europe. Extra virgin, organic, and fair trade.

About Canaan Fair Trade…

Through a combination of extensive education and training, organic and fair trade certification, and community empowerment programs, Canaan Fair Trade, a Palestinian commercial enterprise, enables small farmers and women organized in village cooperatives to pool their resources and have direct access to long-term global market opportunities. Specifically the initiative creates economic stability for rural Palestinian communities caught in the midst of conflict by cultivating local and global partnerships that are invested in creating economically viable and environmentally sustainable farming in Palestine. Canaan combines traditional farming practices with cutting edge innovations in farming and production through research and development to enhance product yield and quality, resulting in premium products that are competitive in global markets. As a result small farmers and women are able to earn a living, maintain their relationship to their land, and provide a future for their children

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Weight 2 lbs

Jenin 500ml bottle, Jenin 500ml case of 6, Nabali 500ml bottle, Nabali 500ml case of 6, Rumi 500ml bottle, Rumi 500ml case of 6, Jenin 1L can, Jenin 1L case of 6