Dead Sea Products ( olive oil soap)

As it collects the flow of water from the historic Jordan River and the surrounding mineral springs into the lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea leaves no outlets for the water to escape. With summer temperature rising to 45Âș much of the water evaporates leaving vast residues of the precious salts and minerals, enriched with calcium, magnesium, potassium, bromide, and other valuable minerals and salts in a unique composition.

Since ancient times the secrets of the Dead Sea was discovered and utilized as vital elements in the treatment and preservation of healthy skin. Such a secret was inherited generation after the other to finally be adapted by Vitalité.

Many people travel from all around the world to experience such secrets and beneficial therapeutic treatment. Thermo-mineral waters from the surrounding mountains that feed the river into the Dead Sea contains highly concentrated salts and hydrogen sulfide. Also, the Dead Sea Vital minerals such as Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Sodium and Bromides which are found according to scientists to be ten times more than in any other sea water, have proven to be a vital element in the process of, healing the skin, enhancing the flow of nutritions in the skin cells, calm and rebalance the skin, and act as soothing antiseptic ingredients.

Such beneficial ingredients along with the highly concentrated salts carry the body weight allowing everyone to relax and float and enjoy the imperative natural scenery, forming the biggest purely natural SPA.

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