About Palestine Online Store

Launched in December 2003, Palestine Online Store is an activist project dedicated to making Palestine-related materials more widely available and to increasing public awareness of the necessity for peace and justice for the Palestinian people. While the project started out with a focus on informational resources such as books and DVDs, it has expanded to include apparel, jewelry, handcrafted items, and food products. Whenever possible, we source these materials directly from Palestine, providing economic support to local farmers, artists, and others who struggle against unprecedented challenges.

Informational resources, such as books and documentary films, are highly effective in raising awareness about the situation in Occupied Palestine. We encourage you to consider lending these resources to your friends, neighbors, and local schools, to help educate the public about the Palestinian cause.

Initially launched in Seattle, Washington, Palestine Online Store is now based in Austin, Texas. We’ve received and fulfilled orders from customers on all six continents (the one exception: Antartica), and we are grateful to have achieved this global reach.

Thank you for shopping here. Your purchases and support enable us to continue making these resources accessible and to foster a greater understanding of Palestine and its people.

Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions.

In solidarity and hope,

Haithem El-Zabri
Palestine Online Store